Last updated 26 February 2022

Following the most recent announcement regarding the further relaxation of COVID-19 measures, Cranmer Country Cottages will continue to follow government guidance.

As always, our priority is to protect our guests and staff as much as possible, and we recommend that all guests due to visit take a lateral flow test before visiting our Cottages. Guests who test positive for COVID-19 should follow the government guidance for self-isolation.

We strongly advise that you organise your own travel insurance prior to taking your holiday.

We are not selling, promoting, endorsing or recommending any particular product, and do not benefit financially from, nor have any formal relationship with, any of these providers.

Coverwise , Allianz Assistance , Trailfinders




As we learn to live with the Covid-19 virus we are gradually getting back to our normal routines here. However, we are aware that the virus has not gone away so we are asking everyone to act responsibly when using the shared facilities onsite.

We have reopened the games room and bike store for shared guest use and reintroducing books, games and toys back into the cottages. Arrival and departure times will return to normal and we wont ask you to strip your beds at the end of your stay unless you are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or tested positive during your stay.

From April 1 2022 Our pool will be available to guests for both private 1-hour pre-allocated swim slots and flexible turn-up and swim sessions daily. Please see our updated swim timetable for further information.

See the revised Pool Timetable HERE

Our pool changing rooms have re-opened:

We ask everyone to do their bit to help to keep the changing rooms and shower areas as germ free as possible: clean feet only past the entrance lobby, please remove outdoor shoes before entering the changing rooms and use the deck brush provided to brush excess water and soap down the drains in the showers and changing rooms after your swim. Please ensure that toilets are flushed after use and that everyone takes a pre swim shower. Please change infants nappies in your cottage. If anyone is sick or has an accident in the pool, please use the yellow spill kit available in the changing rooms. Let us know as soon as possible to enable us to disinfect the area and close the pool.

Why are we keeping timed pool sessions?

In line with our responsibility to ensure the safety of our guests, and to reassure everyone as we move to plan A after the Covid pandemic we have decided to keep some dedicated private daily swim slots. Our guests have enjoyed the luxury of having the pool to themselves for some family swim-time. The private swims have been pre-allocated and can be seen on the time timetable prior to your stay.  If you do not have a timetabled swim slot on one of the days you are here you can choose to take a swim during the flexi swim times shown on the timetable.

What if we return to plan B?

We will continue to follow Government advice and if there is a change to restrictions, we will have to revert to the safety procedures we put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. The pool will revert back to exclusive use and the former published timetable.


In these uncertain times, it is reassuring to know that if you are unable to travel to take your holiday because of a national lockdown, or because you are put into a Tier where you are unable to travel, we will guarantee that you will get a full refund. Please note that the refund guarantee applies only to the address of the “Lead-Booker” given on the booking at the time of booking being put in a high tier, and when the travel restriction coincides with the period of your holiday.


We will refund the cost of your holiday if:

  • There are UK Government restrictions on travel due to the Coronavirus outbreak which make going on your holiday impossible due to compulsory quarantine.
  • Or, if our cottages are legally closed to visitors due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The refund guarantee covers lockdowns and Tier restrictions, but does NOT cover you (or members of your party) for being unable to travel because you (or a member of your party) fall ill with Covid, or are required to quarantine or self-isolate. These events can be covered by you taking out travel insurance. We strongly advise that you take out personal travel insurance before you travel.



Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have taken our guest and staff safety extremely seriously. We conducted thorough risk assessments following the cleaning protocols provided by The Professional Association of Self-Caterers (PASC UK) and linked to on the website. these can be seen here:

  • We will continue to monitor the cleaning guidelines and will make changes as required.
  • We oversee and check the cleaning of our properties in-house, this means that this very important part of our Covid-19 protocols is not left to a third party!