Electric Vehicle Charging

EV charging policy

We are a Green business and we recognise that more and more visitors to North Norfolk will be driving electric vehicles. We now have facilities in place to allow our guests to freely explore Norfolk without any sort of range anxiety.

At Cranmer Country Cottages we can provide 2 x type 2 sockets, the supply is 7.2kW (32 amp) and is available for shared guest use.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide rapid charging due to our limited rural electricity supply.

The EV charge point is located in the lower car park close to the Eco Barns.

Use of the chargers requires booking as an extra in advance of your stay.  We make a charge for the electricity used, either as a flat rate or per kilowatt hour of energy used.

We do not permit granny chargers or direct charging from our cottages via cable.

Please see our EV charging policy >


This interactive map will help you plan your route to the East of England , and also show you helpful spots where you can re-charge whilst on holiday.

Charging Points  https://www.carwow.co.uk/electric-cars/charging-points

For a list of other places to charge your car in North Norfolk click here