Norfolk Holiday Cottages with a Swimming Pool

Norfolk Holiday Cottages with a Swimming Pool

Guests enjoy our Norfolk holiday cottages with access to a private swimming pool whilst staying with us. There is year-round access to the luxury indoor heated swimming pool;  perfect for a relaxing swim after a fun packed day, keeping fit whilst on holiday or teaching toddlers to swim in a calm and peaceful environment. The pool is located in the converted cathedral like Norfolk farm threshing barn, within a stone’s throw from each of the self-catering cottages.

Due to Covid we are allocating daily 1 hour timeslots for each holiday cottage enabling guests to have the pool to themselves for an hour. Also when we are not fully booked, additional times can be prebooked during your stay.   

The indoor heated pool has been specially designed to suit all ages* and levels of swimming ability. The pool has a deck level water line and is heated to a comfortable 29.5 degrees. The wide shallow steeps and hand rail provide easy access to the water for nervous swimmers and people who are less mobile. The pool has a maximum depth of 1.2 meters and is sanitised with gentler natural salt rather than chlorine**.  Air & water quality is carefully managed and the pool hall is fitted with an integrated climate control system.  There are private changing rooms and showers leading directly into the pool hall. (These facilities are currently closed during Covid-19)

Guests must agree to abide by the pool safety rules before using the pool Pool safety rules click here

Guests must agree to abide by the pool safety rules before using the pool Pool safety rules click here

Sorry, the pool is not available to friends or visitors of our guests or to people staying in other local Norfolk holiday accommodation……..

Private pool timed access sessions during Covid Pandemic

To ensure our luxury indoor pool is a safe place to splash and swim, access will continue to be via pre-prescribed  1 hour private swim sessions according to our advertised swim timetable*.

Each property has an allocated daily swim with swim times distributed fairly across our properties. In the case of our communicating group cottages guests sharing the group accommodation have access to the pool twice a day:

Owl’s Roost = Owl & Wagtail swim times

Swallow’s Nest = Swallow & Woodpecker swim times

The Eco barn = Garden House & Avocet swim times

*Out of season when we may not be fully booked we reallocate any outstanding swim slots between guests staying onsite. Our flexi arrival day slots are allocated once guests have arrived and are not bookable in advance.

We hope to return to a combination of bookable swim times and turn up and swim when it is safe to do so.

Please find the current swim timetable below

The holiday cottages luxury indoor pool is housed in the old threshing barn a Cranmer Country Cottages. The pool is a specially built facility, designed and approved for unsupervised use with changing and shower areas. The luxury cottage pool is for the use of Cranmer country cottages guests for at least eight hours a day during peak season. Cottage residents can use the pool on a shared basis at the specified times. In addition unused private slots may be available at short notice. These are normally 1 hour sessions and are exclusive. The cottage pool is entered using wide shallow steps with a handrail.It is fully tiled with a sophisticated modern filtration system that is highly effective yet uses very low levels of chlorine. The pool is dosed with salt which passes through an electrolytic UV tube producing tiny amounts of sanitizer.

Dimensions of the pool:

  • Length 13.1 metres [43 feet]
  • Width 4.45 metres [14.5 feet]
  • Maximum depth 1.2 metres
  • Minimum depth 0.9 metres
  • Full climate control
  • Heated to 30ºC

Guests will be emailed the seasonal pool swim timetable applicable for their stay dates.  There will also be a printed copy of the applicable timetable available in your cottage.

Timetables shown on our website are a guide only and may be subject to change at short notice.  Please email us if you require any specific information for pool use during your stay.

Cranmer Pool Daily Swim Timetable Spring 2022

Please exit the building directly after your 1 hour swim.

Follow social distancing guidelines in and around the pool at all times.

Shower and change in your cottage

Keep to the timetable to make pool use fair to all guests.

Observe the Pool safety rules and Indoor Pool use during Covid-19

Please leave outdoor shoes in the Pool Lobby.

No lone swimmers.

Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Infants under 12 months are not permitted to swim in the pool.
This is based on advice from STA concerning baby swimming in salt dosed pools, please follow the link for further information:

Swimming with babies and toddlers
The luxury indoor heated pool at Cranmer is the perfect place to encourage babies and toddlers over 12 months into swimming. The water temperature is 29 degrees increasing to 30 degrees with solar gain. To prevent accidents in the pool we just ask that you use the neoprene happy nappy system that can be purchased from Amazon or Splashabout.

Please note that the pool is heated to 29 – 30 degrees maximum and is not heated to 32 degrees as an infant training pool dosed with chlorine might be. Babies and infants must wear neoprene swimming costumes and double nappies to prevent leakage. The pool is salt dosed which is not suitable for very young babies’ ingestion. The pool is designed for recreational swimming it is not a leisure pool – it is a great place for children to build their confidence and learn to swim. If you have concerns about the temperature please download this information from Rospa.

Please download and carefully read our Swimming Pool Safety Rules before you use the pool.  These terms form part of your booking terms for Cranmer Country cottages and were emailed to you as part of your booking confirmation. We will provide you with a key fob for entry to the pool. We will make a charge of £20.00 if the fob is lost.

Observe the Pool safety rules and Indoor Pool use during Covid-19