Norfolk Holiday Cottages with a Swimming Pool

Norfolk Holiday Cottages with a Swimming Pool

Guests enjoy our Norfolk holiday cottages and exclusive use of our private swimming pool whilst staying with us. The luxury salt-dosed heated pool is located in an authentically restored cathedral like threshing barn, within a stone’s throw of our self-catering cottages.

The pool is open all year ideal for keeping fit whilst on holiday, teaching toddlers to swim in a calm and peaceful environment, or just winding down after a fun-packed day.

The indoor heated pool has been specially designed to suit all ages* and levels of swimming ability. The pool has a deck level water line and is heated to a comfortable 29.5 degrees. The wide shallow steeps and handrail provide easy access to the water for nervous swimmers and people who are less mobile. The pool has a maximum depth of 1.2 meters and is sanitised with gentler natural salt rather than chlorine**.  Air & water quality is carefully managed and the pool hall is fitted with an integrated climate control system.  There are private changing rooms and showers leading directly into the pool hall.

Our guests are able to enjoy the luxury of having the pool to themselves for some private family swim-time during their stay.  Each property is allocated three to four private swim sessions a week with at least two private swims at weekends. The pool is also available for shared swims which means that you can swim up to twice a day if you wish.

The private swims are available on alternate days during your stay.  If you do not have a timetabled swim slot you can choose to take a 1-hour swim during the flexi swim times in the morning between 7.00 – 9.00am and 5.30 – 7.30pm at weekends and this includes the most popular time at the end of the day before tea.

Each property has pre-allocated hourly swims during their stay. Our larger communicating group cottages have a double allocation of swim times

  • Owl’s Roost > Owl + Wagtail swim times
  • Swallow’s Nest > Swallow + Woodpecker swim times
  • The Eco barn >Garden House + Avocet swim times


Out of peak holiday season when we may not be fully-booked we can reallocate any outstanding private swim slots between guests staying onsite.  The additional times will be confirmed with you 48 hours before your arrival with us.

The pool is available for exclusive use by guests staying at Cranmer Country Cottages only, and after check-in time and before check-out time.

In booking your accommodation with us you agree to abide by the pool safety rules before using the pool  >

Pool Rules & Terms of Use July 2022

Please find the current swim timetable Below.

The holiday cottages luxury indoor pool is housed in the old threshing barn a Cranmer Country Cottages. The pool is a specially built facility, designed and approved for unsupervised use with changing and shower areas. The luxury cottage pool is for the use of Cranmer country cottages guests for at least eight hours a day during peak season. Cottage residents can use the pool on a shared basis at the specified times. In addition unused private slots may be available at short notice. These are normally 1 hour sessions and are exclusive. The cottage pool is entered using wide shallow steps with a handrail.It is fully tiled with a sophisticated modern filtration system that is highly effective yet uses very low levels of chlorine. The pool is dosed with salt which passes through an electrolytic UV tube producing tiny amounts of sanitizer.

Dimensions of the pool:

  • Length 13.1 metres [43 feet]
  • Width 4.45 metres [14.5 feet]
  • Maximum depth 1.2 metres
  • Minimum depth 0.9 metres
  • Full climate control
  • Heated to 30ºC

Guests are emailed the seasonal pool swim timetable applicable for their stay dates.  There will also be a printed copy of the current (dated) timetable available in your cottage.

Timetables shown on our website are a guide only and may be subject to change at short notice.  Please email us if you require any specific information for pool use during your stay.

Pool Timetable July 2022

Please exit the building directly after your 1 hour swim.

Follow social distancing guidelines in and around the pool at all times.

Shower and change in your cottage

Keep to the timetable to make pool use fair to all guests.

Observe the Pool Rules & Terms of Use July 2022 and Pool Important information

Please leave outdoor shoes in the Pool Lobby.

No lone swimmers.

Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Infants under 12 months are not permitted to swim in the pool.
This is based on advice from STA concerning baby swimming in salt dosed pools, please follow the link for further information:

Swimming with babies and toddlers
The luxury indoor heated pool at Cranmer is the perfect place to encourage babies and toddlers over 12 months into swimming. The water temperature is 29 degrees increasing to 30 degrees with solar gain. To prevent accidents in the pool we just ask that you use the neoprene happy nappy system that can be purchased from Amazon or Splashabout.

Please note that the pool is heated to 29 – 30 degrees maximum and is not heated to 32 degrees as an infant training pool dosed with chlorine might be. Babies and infants must wear neoprene swimming costumes and double nappies to prevent leakage. The pool is salt dosed which is not suitable for very young babies’ ingestion. The pool is designed for recreational swimming it is not a leisure pool – it is a great place for children to build their confidence and learn to swim. If you have concerns about the temperature please download this information from Rospa.

Please read the following information before you arrive at Cranmer Country Cottages and before you use our pool.

This information covers most of the questions raised by our guests regarding pool use.  This information also helps to explain why certain rules have been in place and how they form part of our risk assessment, much of which is due to the fact that we do not have a lifeguard.

Our pool is available to guests for both private 1-hour pre-allocated swim slots and flexible turn-up and swim sessions daily. Please see our swim timetable for further information.

The pool at Cranmer Country Cottages is only available to guests staying onsite. Our pool is not available to friends or visitors of our guests or to people staying in other local Norfolk holiday accommodation.

Please note that there is no Lifeguard on duty at any time.

The swim timetable is available on our website, posted on the left outside the pool door and will have been emailed to you in advance of your stay.  Times may be subject to change if deemed necessary by us.


The pool door is located to the right of the pool hall.

  • Do not prop the door open if you are waiting for members of your group to join you.
  • Do not open the emergency exit doors other than in an extreme emergency! This will cause considerable heat loss and present a security issue if there is no one around to secure the building.
  • Never let people into the pool building who are not in your party. Be watchful of small children trying to enter the building unsupervised.



Access to the pool is with an electronic fob key issued to the person who made the holiday accommodation booking– the key is not transferrable.  Please take care not to lose the key fob, without it you will not be able to access the pool and there may not be anyone a round to programme a replacement key immediately.

  • Please arrive at the pool in time for private timetabled swim sessions.
  • The key fob is programmed to allow entry at the times indicated on the timetable. If you arrive at the pool any later than 20 minutes after the scheduled private swim session start time your key will not work.  There may not be anyone around to let you in and this is not considered to be a call-out emergency. Mixed swim sessions will allow entry up until 30 mines before the end of the session.
  • Last entry time in the evening is 6.45pm after this time the electronic key will not work. The pool closes at 7.30pm.
  • Never hand the entry key to children in your party under the age of 18 years old or anyone else.
  • We will charge £25.00 for a lost pool key fob.
  • Please observe the swim times to enable everybody to enjoy the pool. Do not monopolise the shared sessions – 1 hour max per family or group.



We operate a weekly pool timetable. This allows families to have the pool to themselves which is a great advantage if you have nervous swimmers.  It also means that the pool is less likely to become over crowded and that you can pre plan your excursions around swim times if use of the pool is important to you.

  • Each cottage has 3-4 private swims during a weekly stay and 1-2 sessions at weekends. However, on days when your property has not been allocated a private swim time the pool is open to everybody during the mixed swim sessions allocated at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Grouped Cottages Owls Roost, Swallows Nest & the Eco Barn have daily swim sessions allocated to each individual property ie Owl & Wagtail> Owls Roost, Swallow & Woodpecker> Swallows Nest & Garden House & Avocet> Eco barn
  • Out of the peak holiday season we are able to reallocate vacant private swim sessions to guests staying on site. These sessions are allocated within 48 hours of arrival for your stay, the available sessions are allocated fairly between guests who are booked to stay with us.
  • We are unable to make changes to the swim timetable or swap guests swims around during peak holidays or if we are fully booked. Most of our guests have young children and we do appreciate that some of the allocated times may not fit in with usual routines. However, everyone is welcome to swim at the beginning and end of each day.
  • If we are not fully booked and we are able to allocate additional swim times a green flexi fob will be issued to allow authorised entry to the pool at the times agreed.
  • Timed swims sessions include use of the changing room and are 1 hour per family or group.
  • Please do not leave any woggles floats or personal items or valuables ie: mobile phones in the pool after your swim. We may not be available to retrieve them immediately there may not be anyone on site to gain access to the pool.  If there is no one onsite this would not be considered a call-out emergency.



Everyone has a responsibility in keeping the pool clean & healthy for all to enjoy. We ask all guests using the pool to do their bit to help to keep the changing rooms and shower areas as germ free as possible:

  • Please ensure the whole family wear flip flops or slides to the pool and leave them in the boot lobby – bare feet will track in dirt and germs that just make the changing room floors and pool tank unpleasant for everyone.
  • Clean feet only past the entrance lobby, please remove outdoor shoes before entering the changing rooms and use the deck brush provided to brush excess water and soap down the drains in the showers and changing rooms after your swim.
  • Please shower using soap before you swim – using the open showers on the right-hand side as you enter the pool. This minimises contamination of the water: sun tan lotion, makeup etc plays havoc with the pool chemicals.
  • Clothing is to be cleared from the cubicles, put into the lockers provided.
  • We provide a cleaning kit in the furthest end locker. Please use it if there are any accidents in the pool or changing rooms. Please let us know and leave any contaminated outside in the plastic bag provided.
  • There is a first aid kit in the white cabinet.



Guests have collective responsibility to ensure they use the pool safely, and helping maintain the quality of the pool water and responsible use of any equipment in the pool building.

  • Consideration of others – All pool users are expected to be careful and considerate to other pool users and staff, and must follow instructions from staff if asked to leave the pool. Unacceptable behaviour or contravention of the pool rules may result in the cancellation of the electronic pool key. Running or splashing is not permitted.
  • Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times in the pool in the changing rooms in the showers and in the toilets.
  • We do not permit infants under the age of 12 months to swim. Our water comes from our private borehole supply and is treated at source to control fluctuating nitrate levels through a salination treatment system.  Ingestion of water with raised levels of chloride may be harmful to young babies if swallowed in excess, and it could also cause vomiting.  Our water is routinely tested by North Norfolk District Council and we have been advised by Environmental Health to put the age restriction in place for safety reasons.  For further information regarding salt water pools see the STA link here:
  • Young children and infants between 1 – 5 years are required to wear close fitting swimwear in the pool. This is to protect all swimmers, particularly those with weak immune systems from parasitic disease Cryptosporidiosis, which is most commonly seen in children aged between 1- 5 years and can be passed through watery diarrhoea leaking through standard nappies and aqua nappies.  The disease is does not show up in water testing and is chlorine resistant.
  • Please encourage little ones to use the toilet before they swim. Pee in the pool can affect the chemical balance of the water as it eats up all the chlorine and will result in a cloudy pool.
  • Please check the WC’s after children have used them to ensure the floor is clean toilets flushed and have the lids down prior to use by other users.
  • Do not flush wet wipes or nappies down the loo as it will block the cottages’ drainage system.
  • Please do not leave nappies in the changing room or in the lobby bin. They can create quite a stink! Please wrap and dispose of them with the household waste from your accommodation ie: in the waste area across the road & opposite to the pool building. Please change baby in your accommodation.
  • We ask any sickness or poo incidents to be reported immediately to stop the spread of potential infections to other guests. The pool will be closed and we will carry out backwashing and super chlorination to ensure that safe levels of sanitation are maintained.  We will only reopen the pool when we deem it safe to swim.  In extreme cases we may have to pump out the pool water and reheat to bring it back to an acceptable swimming temperature.
  • Please take any personal waste, tissues, wipes, paper towels away with you and dispose in the household rubbish in the waste disposal area adjacent to the car park opposite the pool.
  • Please use the shallow steps to gain entry to the water. Do not allow children to scramble up the wall using the underwater light fittings as a step. This can cause the light to pop out of the wall and may cause considerable damage.
  • Do not use the Jetstream on repeat it will overheat and stop working.
  • Do not prop open any doors leading to the outside, they must remain closed at all times for safety reasons.



There maybe no one around on site if you have an accident or emergency involving bodily injury. We you to call the emergency services immediately in this situation.

  • There is a public payphone in the changing rooms please dial 999 for the emergency services and wait with the injured person for the paramedics or ambulance to arrive. Our details & postcode are on the wall above the phone.
  • If anyone in your party is ill or has an accident in the pool it is your responsibility to clean up any mess immediately; please use the disinfectant gloves bucket and waste bag provided in the end changing room locker. Remove as much waste as possible and dispose in the yellow bag provided. Tie up the bag securely and leave outside the pool in the fresh air.
  • Please let us know by email, SMS text or phone as soon as possible and leave any contaminated outside in the plastic bag provided.
  • Please put out the yellow prohibition sign to warn other guests not to enter the pool.
  • There is a basic first aid kit in the white cabinet.

Our Pool rules are in place to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable swim in our private pool, they also form part of our risk assessment required for insurance purposes.

Please read the POOL USE IMPORTANT INFORMATION sheet and the pool rules and terms of use to familiarise yourself with what to expect when you arrive for your stay and before you use the pool.


Please note that our pool is for use by our guests staying at Cranmer Country cottages only, and is not available to guests friends or visitors staying in other local Norfolk holiday accommodation.

Infants under the age of 12 months are not permitted in our pool for health & safety reasons. Click the following link for further information

See our full Terms of Use here > Pool Rules & Terms of Use July 2022

See our Pool Important Information here > Pool – Important information