Homecoming of our Turbine

Cranmer's Turbine continues to generate power
Winding up the Turbine Leg

Ready for the coming season, our turbine has been refurbished at the factory in Ireland. So far total generation has been 38,585.000 units of electricity, although it had been out of action for the two months waiting to be shipped back to the factory.  The turbine has been refurbished and like so many of these things we are all on a steep learning curve.

Since being re-installed, our turbine has performed well over the weekend in all the high winds – Despite the weather conditions visitors have enjoyed the sanctuary of our luxurious indoor pool.  
Talking of alternative power sources, the turbine debate has once again erupted in the Norfolk media.  Interestingly former local windsurfing champion Simon Sanderson recently won public funding to build his tidal generator, the sea-spider, the suggestions are that it should be less of a blot on the landscape – we wait with interest.  Not sure how it will fit in with the sailing fraternity though.