Offshore Wind Farm boosting local economy

Sheringham Shoals Offshore wind farm, based 10 miles out to sea, is one of several offshore renewable wind farms that are being constructed off the coast of Norfolk.
These projects are normally faced with hard opposition, but  Wells-next-the-sea have really embraced the opportunities the wind farm can bring.
Wells, is a quaint seaside town which heavily relies on the tourist trade. It has had a port for over 700 years and a small fishing fleet still work out of the harbour. When the Sheringham Shoals project was in planning phase, it was decided that the Wells outer harbour would be the obvious choice to transport technicians and engineers to and from the wind farm. There are approximately 150 people working on the wind farm construction and once it’s fully operational it will be run for at least 50 years.
It was reported recently on a local BBC documentary that local businesses in Wells have benefitted from the wind farm activity. Local accommodation providers have regular visitors staying both in and out of the season. And it’s not only accommodation providers who are reaping the benefits,  a local butchers and greengrocers also receive regular large orders to supply a floating hotel, situated just off the coast of Wells, which accommodates between 100 – 150 people who are working on the project. There are plenty of other small businesses such as a chandlery and many others who have also seen increased trade outside of the holiday season.
The town’s economy has been boosted as a result of the wind farm and it is hoped that with the long term strategy in place, this green energy technology will leave a lasting legacy.
Our cottages are close to Wells and with our great green credentials we have benefitted from corporate and associated business from family and friends employed in Wells as part of the offshore wind technologies installations.  It’s exciting to know that renewable resources are having such a positive impact to our local businesses.