The Cranmer Games

We have had a great week at Cranmer and judging by the enthusiasm showed by guests we are already seeing the start of the Olympic legacy taking shape. 

6 new swimmers under the age of  10 – all learnt to swim in the pool at Cranmer – completing their first width or length armband free!  All awarded a gold (chocolate) medal on departure and eager to get back to Norfolk next year.
Keen tennis players have been competing on the tennis courtsas small children vow to be the next Andy Murray or Laura Robson.
Last night under the beautiful pink sun set competition was high amongst the young runners competing in a 1000m run around the play paddock at Cranmer. 
New friends have been made and races won.  Long may the legacy continue.
Parents have been pleased to see Gameboys ditched in favour of sport in the great British outdoors.  Hurrah!
Many guests promising to return next year with cycles and running shoes!